College Tuition Fees in Manila

$250 (£150) per semester, 2 semesters/year = $500/year

4 years study for a college degree = cost of graduation $2,000 (£1,200)

A young persons dream is realised and the poverty cycle begins to breakdown!  We aim to transform the degrading cycle of poverty into a joyous liberating dance as each young graduate is encouraged to give back into the fund as and when they are able, thus establishing a lifestyle of compassion and awareness for others still living at the Wawa dump site.


College Scholarship Program

Our next love venture at LifeChild is to provide a college sponsorship scheme for the budding young people we’ve met at Wawa, a dump site that is home to over a thousand families. This will help to break the cruel cycle that poverty creates.

The dream of one day becoming a college graduate still lives within the hearts of these young people at Wawa, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them. Without a Sponsor these dreams will never be realised and the cycle continues to the next generation.

To secure a moderate to well-paid job in the Philippines a college diploma or degree is essential. Even to work at McDonalds a diploma is required.  As a college graduate a young person is guaranteed to secure a job, a dream fulfilled for these young people  living at Wawa, the poorest of the poor.

This Sponsorship program will ignite fresh hope across the entire dump site, young and old alike. Filipino culture thrives on highly valuing family life, their resilience and hospitality are outstanding qualities, seen even in the most adverse conditions. It only takes one tiny spark to create a raging fire. The reality is, that, if one young person per family can secure a well-paid job, the entire family will benefit and escape the clutches of life on a garbage dump.


Become a Wawa Sponsor


By partnering with the Wawa College scholarshi program, you will directly affect the poverty cycle of some of these precious families.  One student with a college degree is able to secure a well-paying job and rescue their entire family from the dump.